A Look Ahead : Week of 08/10 Programming


Bring on the testing!  We are starting our new mesocycle this week.  We are testing quite a few things this week, so make plans to hit up open gym if you can’t make it to class one day!

Monday – Test one kicks off with a 3 rep max thruster.   Nothing like thrusters to start off the week!  We will wrap up the day with a couplet of hang power cleans and burpees…should get that heart rate nice and high!

Tuesday – Our weightlifting is sets of three snatch with a pause at position 2.  Test 2 will be today and it is 10 rounds of wallballs and double unders!  Should be a good time!

Wednesday – We are doing our CFP Repeatability Test.  We are testing your ability to recover with three efforts of a row, slamballs and burpees.  Each effort is supposed to be 100% and you have eight minutes off rest time in between.  Get ready to sweat!!

Thursday –  We take a break from testing today.  The day with start with some plyo stations.  Then we finish the day off with running and suitcase carries!  Bring extra water because it is bound to get hot!

Friday – TG it is our last test of the week!   Oh Cindy…how you can be so mean!  The day will start with some single leg kettlebell deadlifts.  Then we wrap up the week with the benchmark WOD Cindy…20 min AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 Push Ups and 15 Air Squats!

Saturday – We are working in teams of 3 today, so grab a couple friends and head in for some fun!  A two part WOD today.  Part 1 is a 3 rep max front squat for each team member…your score is the total weight.  Then Part 2 is a 15 min AMRAP of a row and burpees over the rower!

It is going to be a week full of hard work and fun!  This is a time to start fresh with a new mesocycle and give it all we’ve got over the next six weeks!  Happy testing and as always, see you at the box!!


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