Article – Why Your Daughter Should Do CrossFit

Tabata Times is a great website with tons of articles from a variety of contributors.  I often find great articles here!  And this one is no exception!

Why You Daughter Should Do CrossFit really resonated with me as a daughter, a woman, and now, the mom of a daughter.


It’s tough growing up in today’s society!  There are plenty of celebrities, pop stars & actresses that serve as questionable role models for our growing girls.  Many unattainable, absurd body and beauty ideals that are being promoted.  Talk of being fat, dieting and low self esteem is starting younger and younger.  Peer pressure, life situations, friendship struggles…these are all things our girls will face.

Participating in CrossFit, starting ’em young, can seriously change the view point of our young daughters!  Providing them thousands of positive role models – from their CrossFit coach, the middle aged woman they work out next to in class, to the fittest of the fit at the games -CrossFit women are strong & successful and share a passion for fitness.  Our girls will learn what community really looks like when they’re helping to cheer on the last athlete finishing a grueling WOD.  They will understand that even though something is hard, if you keep pushing, you can and will finish and you can and will get better!  Our young daughters will blossom with self esteem, placing value on what their strong bodies are capable of instead of pouring over what their bodies look like.

“With CrossFit, your daughter will learn that there is no one ideal body type and that a woman is more than just a body. She is a powerful machine, capable of achieving greatness and moving the world with just one push. But more importantly, she will learn that it is not a woman’s physical appearance that defines her, but rather her capabilities for who she is.”


Please share this article with all the parents of girls and all the young women (or even old women!) in your life!  Get your daughter (or yourself!) started today!  At CFP, we offer CrossFit Kids for kids ages 3-12 and kids ages 12+ can participate in our regular CrossFit classes with parent permission.  Email us at or call us at 704.889.0190 with questions on how to get you or your daughter started today!

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