A Look Ahead : Week of 08/17 Programming


Phew…now that we figured Global Warming out…on to the important things, like this week’s programming 🙂  It’s week 1 of training in our new mesocycle!  Here’s what’s in store:

Monday – A 15 min EMOM of KB thrusters and skill work of DU start us out.  Your metcon has a 100 air squat buy-in!  KBS & Abmat Situps complete it!

Tuesday – We begin with some gymnastic work.  Strict Pull-ups (weighted if you’re able) & hollow/arch holds.  You’ll finish off with 5 sets of rowing & burpees with a little recovery time built in.

Wednesday – Time to get your clean on!  We’re working up to a heavy 3 rep clean or power clean (depending on your comfortability catching in the bottom).  A 6 min EMOM of a complex follows, 2 clean pulls + 1 clean + 2 front squats.  You have a longer metcon today – 12 mins of KU & KB Snatches!

Thursday – Woohoo…back squat day!  We’re working up to a heavy set of 3.  Then, we’re on the rower for 5 sets of a 1 min row for calories – max effort!!

Friday – We’ll spend about 30 minutes working on Kipping Pull-up progressions.  Your metcon is work/rest ratios of push-ups, ring rows, squat jumps.  Cindy will be so easy in just a few weeks 😉

Saturday – Grab a partner…you’ve got 2 15 minute AMRAPs to complete!  Make sure you’re ready to squat, you’ll be doing lots of wallballs & headcutters.  Don’t forget ladies, tonight is Women’s WOD & Wine Night!  5pm, bring all your girls!!

Should be a fun week!  As always, we look forward to seeing you at the box!


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