Lil’ Beast Highlight – Jacob Tysinger


This week’s lil’ beast highlight is Jacob Tysinger, or Jake the Snake as he is known around the box.  Chances are you have met him, as he is a regular at the box and has never met a stranger.  He started CFK about a year ago when he and his family moved here from GA.  Jacob is always ready to go and has such a positive attitude!  We asked him a couple questions about being a lil’ beast and here is what he had to say…

  1.  What is your favorite movement we do in CFK?  The games and burpees!
  2. What have you learned from CFK?  How to work out and that it is fun!

You are an awesome part of our CFK program, Jacob and we are super proud of how you are growing as a lil’ beast!  Keep up the great work!!!


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