Are You Taking the Challenge?

Monday, Monday, Monday!  Are you ready, our Clean Eating Challenge begins Monday!


And if you follow that meme above, you’ll surely lose weight because you won’t be eating any food!  Soapy food = yuck! 😉

Read all of the details here, but I’ll give you a quick recap below:

  • We’re calling it a “Clean Eating Challenge” because no one way of eating works best for everyone.  So weather you prefer Paleo or Macros or Whole 30, you’re covered!  The big idea here is that you’re paying attention to what goes into your mouth, making an effort to eat well in order to fuel your body & tracking/being held accountable.  Reference this post or this post or this post for more info on the lifestyles (not diets) mentioned above.
  • 6 week challenge from Mon 9/14 – Sun 10/25
  • Schedule a time with coach Michelle, Stephanie or Amy to take your weight & measurements the week of the 14th.  We will re-weigh & measure the week of Oct. 26th.
  • Earn up to 8 points a week – 1 pt per week for turning in a food log for review by coach Michelle, Stephanie, Amy or other coach of your choosing. 1 pt per day for working out, in or outside the gym.
  • The most points + biggest weight loss/change in measurements wins prizes!!  Lose weight & win supplements, what’s not to like!?

Seriously, join us on this challenge!  Challenge yourself to clean up you’re eating & really see the changes you’ve been working so hard for in the gym.  Working out is just part of it.  You can’t out train a crappy diet 😉

This post from last year (Why you should take our Health & Wellness Challenge & How to Survive) has lots of helpful tips, recipes, & websites to reference.  Take advantage!  Let your coaches know if you’re taking the challenge, set up your “weigh in” time & be sure to share any recipes & tips in our CF & RISE FB groups!

Let’s do this!


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