A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 09/14

cf gma

If you want to be as rad as this granny, then you better get yourself to the gym this week!  If you don’t use it, you lose it 😉  Here’s your preview of the week ahead (and we’ll try not to change it up on you mid-week!)…

Monday – Happy Monday to you!  We’re thrustering today – decreasing reps & increase weight, working at 60, 70 & 80% of your 3RM.  Then we ease you into your week with a NFT metcon – a few KB front rack carries, some DUs & some stability work on the rings with static holds.

Tuesday – Pick things up & put them down…deadlift day!  Double Pause Deadlifts working around 70-75% of your 1RM deadlift.  Today’s WOD is for time…the CrossFit Baseline.  Twice!  You’ll rest 2 mintues between the rounds of rowing & bodyweight movements.

Wednesday – We’re working on that aerobic capacity today…aka longer metcon day.  You should STILL COME!  No cherry picking!  A little bit of running sandwiched with KBS & Box Step overs 🙂

Thursday – Today we have a little push/pull action with some gymnastic work – strict pull-up superset with HSPU or holds (depending on your level).  We’ll finish off with a pretty lady named “Jackie”.  Rowing, empty bar thrusters & pull-ups are always a good time!

Friday – Lots of cleaning to do…you have a 15 min EMOM of 1 Clean at 70% followed by a short 4 min AMRAP of slamballs & DUs.  Nice little Friday for ya!

Saturday – We’ve got a doozy of a partner WOD today…Partner Hero WOD “Blake” with some synchronized burpees as a buy-in & buy-out!  Should be fun!

It’s going to be another great week at CFP!  As always, listen to your body, scale appropriately & we’ll see you at the box 🙂


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