Fit Friday – Bad Workout Habits to Break!

Box Life Magazine shared a great article back in June – 5 Bad Workout Habits You Need to Break!


Click the link above to head on over to their page & read their reasons to break these bad habits!  Are you guilty of any of the following!?

  1. The burpee/push-up nap
  2. The gentle jog
  3. The cha-cha-cha
  4. The shallow depths
  5. The non-existent reps

I’m definitely guilty of a push-up nap here and there during Cindy when my arms start losing function and the gentle jog on those loooong 400s!  Bleh!

I think their reasons to break up with those non-existent reps goes along nicely with our post last week about The Curse of the Whiteboard!  Don’t get tired (and lazy!) and count those almost-but-not-quite-barely-there reps.  You’re creating incorrect muscle memory and a bad habit!

What other bad workout habits do we need to add to the list?!


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