A Look Ahead : Programming for the Week of 09/21


Congrats guys, it’s the last week of training before we retest for this mesocycle!  If you recall, in early August, we tested our 3RM thruster, 10 rounds of 10 wallballs & 20 DUs, the CFP Repeatability Test of rowing, slamballs & burrpes and last, but not least, Cindy (pull-ups, push-ups & air squats – oh my!).  Hopefully this week gives your body a little rest and recovery to get ready for retesting.  Happy training!

Monday – Let’s get the week off on a good note!  Today you have some gymnastic work…5 rounds of strict push-ups, some 4-count push-ups & squat jumps.  Not for time, thank goodness.  Your metcon has 4 rounds of a 400m run followed by a few turkish get ups.

Tuesday – Front Squats coming right up!  You have a 5×5 today, working at 65% of your 1RM. It shouldn’t feel too heavy, you should have one or 2 reps left in the tank each set.  A shorter metcon today for time, with 100 DU Buy-in & Buy-out with KBS & KB Reverse Lunges sandwiched in between.

Wednesday – Get your hamstrings & posterior chain ready for some rack pulls.  Every 90 sec for 5 rounds, 5 pulls around 65% of your 1RM DL.  Throw in some extra hamstring work in between sets as you have some rowing intervals, with rest, after weightlifting.

Thursday – You’ve got some ground conditioning/core work as your skill work today.  This is followed by single arm KB thrusters sets.  No Rx weight, feel free to split the thrusters as needed between arms, and each round will be followed by a 200m run.  Nice & easy today, kids!

Friday – We’ve got a clean variation today – tall cleans.  Click here for a quick demo.  It’s an 8×2, staying light, focusing on finishing the pull & speed under the bar.  We’ll wrap it up with a 12 min AMRAP of HS holds, hang cleans & burpees.

Saturday – You guessed it, a partner WOD!  Partner Hero WOD “Johnson“.  Rx calls for muscle ups, so we can of course scale those appropriately, as well as the DL & Clean weight.  Should be a fun one!  And just a reminder, this afternoon we’re going bowling!!  If you plan to bowl ($15 for 2 hours, including shoes, 3-5pm), sign up at the box!  If your’e not bowling, come hang out anyways!

We’re ready for another awesome week at CFP!  We can’t wait to see you there!


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