8 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Sugar Intake


As a parent, I am in constant battle with myself about my child’s diet.  I don’t want to deprive him of things he enjoys, but I want to keep him healthy.  I also want to make sure I give him the tools to maintain that throughout his life.  My biggest struggle in life was learning to eat healthy and exercise later in life.  I had so many bad habits (not to mention extra pounds) to lose and change before I could begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

When I had my son, I made a vow to instill in him early the love and appreciation of healthy foods.  I want to do it while still allowing him to be a kid, and letting him enjoy the perks and goodies that come along with it.  When I can across this article, I knew I needed to share it with you guys.  I am not saying you have to choose to follow all these tips, but maybe there is one or two in here that speak to you.  Take a few minutes to read through it, and let’s be the type of parents who help our kids understand health and fitness and how important good health is to us all!



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