May Contest Winner!!

If you remember, we’ve been running a month long Facebook Check-In Contest!  Any athlete that “check’s in” & workouts at least 3 times/week has been entered into a weekly drawing for a FitAid & Bar – yum!  Then, all of those athlete’s have been entered (up to 4 times since there’s 4 weeks in May) into a drawing for a FREE CFP tank!

How awesome are our new tanks!?



You guys were slow rolling to start off the check-ins this month, so no one won a FitAid or bar the first week….womp womp.  But week 2 you picked up & Wendy won; Week 3, Gina won; and our Week 4 winner was Rek!  Thanks to all who participated & “Checked In” as you worked out!!

Our tank top winner is…..

GINA!!!  This must be your lucky month Gina! 😉  She did have 3 entries, so that must have helped!  Way to go, girl!

We’ll be making our tank reorder soon since we’re down to the last few.  Get your size & color option in ASAP.

We’re planning to take the month of June off from running a contest & we’ll be back with a new contest in July. As always, continue to check-in as much as you please 🙂  The blog will still be full of lots of wonderful content, so remember to check back daily!

Thanks guys!


May Contest Announcement!!

Happy May Athletes!!


Sure as the sun does rise 😉  We ran 2 different contests last month & offered some sweet prizes – like SFH Protein & FitAid cards – yum!

This month we’re starting a new, month long contest.  Here are all the deets:

Come workout at the box AT LEAST 3x per week & check-in on FB!  (Must do both to be entered!)  A weekly prize of a FitAid & Perfect Bar or RX Bar will be awarded by random drawing (you can be entered once if you worked out 3x & checked-in on FB).

You can be entered up to 4 times for the month long prize by working out 3x/week & checking-in on FB each time in May.  The month long winner will receive a FREE CFP Tank!!!

We’ve just ordered new guy & girl tanks for the summer:


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.58.35 PM

(The girl tanks above will actually be on this tank & have the color options of Raspberry, Neon Orange or Neon Green! 🙂 We’re going bright this summer, y’all!)

Don’t miss out on your chance at a FREE tank!!  And at the very least, you could walk away with a free recovery beverage & bar 🙂

We’ll see you at the box!

CFP March Newsletter


Happy Birthday to all our March babies!

March 2nd – Michelle S
March 3rd – Rek
March 16th – Justin
March 21st – Mandy, Keith
March 23rd – Oswaldo
March 24th – Patricia
March 26th – Brittany D, John T
March 27th – Chris M
March 30th – Jodi
March 31st – Nish

Happy March Athletes!

Sadly, we failed to send out a February Newsletter!  Oops…thankfully, we don’t think you missed too much going on at the box 🙂

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer & we’re all thawing out a bit! Hallelujah! Each of you have been working very hard the past 6 weeks, training your Back Squat, Strict Pull-ups, & Rowing. This week, we’ll see how your hard work has paid off as we retest to find your new 3 rep max Back Squat, 4 min max Strict Pull-ups, 2k row time & your “Jackie” time!

We’re 2 weeks into the CrossFit Open 2014. Several athletes at the box signed up for the Open & are doing an awesome job! We hope you’re all enjoying participating in the Open workouts each Friday, whether you’re signed up or not!

We truly enjoy seeing all of you at the box each & every day! We are so thankful to have such great athletes & community at our box!! As the weather gets warmer, rest assured you’ll look better by the pool this year by putting in the work at CFP! Keep it up!!

Your coaches,
Warren, Brandon, Michelle & Cole

Spring T-Shirt Order!

We’re making a spring t-shirt order March 21st!
T-shirts will be $25. Guys t-shirts will be orange, ladies can chose between purple or green, all with the barbell flag on the back & CFP/barbell on the front “pocket”. Sign up today! (We are asking for pre-payment for all orders. We can charge your account in Wodify on the 21st or you can bring cash.)

2 Weeks Left in our Paleo Challenge!

The end is in sight!

All those participating in our Paleo Challenge are doing such a great job, sticking to this lifestyle change through Valentine’s, birthdays & St. Patty’s Day! After all, life will keep happening & not so great food choices will always be readily available. It’s about eating more good stuff than bad stuff, feeling better, & enjoying life more, so stay with it! Will it always be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Coming soon to CFP!

Coach Michelle is getting her CrossFit Kids cert this month!

We’re excited to offer CrossFit Kids starting this June! CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely absolutely CrossFit geared and designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of that population. Be sure to tell your kids, your friends’ kids, and your kids friends 🙂 Stay tuned for more info!

CFP October Newsletter

Happy October Athletes!

Below is CFP’s October Newsletter!  It’s full of updates & announcements about all that’s going on at the box! The weather’s getting cooler & schedules are getting busier, but we hope you continue to make time to further your health & fitness goals!  We look forward to seeing you in the box!

Schedule change!

Starting this Saturday, 10/12, we will offer 2 class times – 8:30am & 9:30am! We’ve dropped down to 2 classes on Saturdays for the time being.  We hope this will continue to build more community within CFP by bringing more athletes to class together & giving everyone a chance to workout with other athletes they may not see or get to workout with during the work week!  We will continue to monitor class sizes & our schedule as our membership grows. Lace up those Nano’s & we’ll see you Saturday!

Bro Tanks are here!

If you signed up for a bro tank, they’re in!
Tanks are $20. You can pay for your tank next time you’re in, we’ll take cash check or card!

Anyone lose a shoe?

Hoodie Order

We will be placing an order for CFP Zip-up Hoodies!
The weather’s finally getting cooler, so sign up to get your CFP Hoodie!  They will be similar to the one’s pictured above.  We’re currently pricing them out and deciding on the logo.  We will have a mock up picture to share as soon as it’s ready!  Hoodies will be about $40-45.  Don’t miss out on this order!!

Uh oh…where’s coach!?

Athletes, sadly, your coaches are human! It is, of course, our priority to serve you, our athletes!  This includes being at the box with ample time prior to class time so you can change, stretch, warm up, etc.  In the event a coach is not at the box at least 10 minutes prior to start time, please call Warren first (he lives the closest) at 252-258-6188.  Then, if needed, call Michelle at 704-650-3452.  You can call Brandon at 616-443-6111, but he’ll probably be in another state 😉

Wodify Reminder

Please double check your payment information in Wodify!
Debit cards and credit cards expire & often times we may not remember until a payment tries to hit.  Double check your payment information in Wodify this month, just to be sure everything is up to date and current!  We so appreciate it!