The Importance of Tracking Your Performance

Technology has brought us a long way.  In life, in general, and in CrossFit.  When CrossFit first originated in the 2000s, participants would log their results daily on the whiteboard.  Yes an actual, physical whiteboard in the gym, and then many would also log it in their own personal journal, an old school composition notebook.


At CFP, we use Wodify as our member tracking system and we think it’s a pretty great tool! (No, Wodify is not paying us to say this, but maybe they should 😉 )  It’s so important to track your performance in the gym.  There are so many benefits to tracking (check out this short article here & read up on a few of them), but by & large, the biggest benefit is so you can see your progress!

Day in & day out, you come into the gym to workout.  Those days turn into weeks & weeks turn into months.  And sometimes you hit a plateau in a lift, your endurance, or skill set.  But sure enough, by sticking with it, one day you achieve that PR & a gold star pops up on Wodify! Suddenly all the hard work feels so worth it!  If you feel discouraged or stuck, you can look back through your history & see all those PR’s to inspire you!

Most of our CFP athletes are pretty good about using Wodify to track their daily results, but there are a few of you out there who like to skip that part at the end of class.  DON’T SKIP TRACKING!!  We know who you are!  If you’re one of those that hasn’t been tracking, I challenge you to start tracking for the next month & see if you’re not hooked.  Those PR’s start to add up & seeing your progress is oh so motivating!

Not only will Wodify keep track of your PR’s, but it keeps track of all your weights & breaks it down into percentages for you.  Each and every metcon you log is saved, including any notes, so you can always look back to see progress (finally performing kipping pull-ups in a WOD vs assisted pull-ups 3 months ago OR using an RX weight vs a scaled weight 8 weeks before) and/or try to beat your time or amount of reps in that workout.

Using Wodify is super simple, too!  We have 2 kiosks available & with their app, you can log your results anywhere!  Once you leave the gym, at home, or even on vacation.

Tracking your performance will keep you motivated in the gym!  It helps push you & keep you going when you feel like you want to skip a workout or are feeling stuck.  Tracking your performance helps you remember why you started – to be strong & healthy!  So don’t leave the gym or end the day without logging your results.  It’s more important than you know!


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