Mesocycle Overview

What is a Mesocycle?

A mesocycle is a planned number of weeks structured in a way to focus on certain performance metrics.

At CrossFit Pineville our general group classes are programmed in 9 week mesocycles to allow for a Test Week, 6 Training Weeks, a Deload Week, and a Re-Test week. We feel this is a great way to offer general fitness for everyone while also having a direction to measure our progress. Let’s face it, we all want to see proof that all the hard work we are putting in is actually working.  While we bias our training towards our testing metrics during the mesocycle we continue to offer a variety that keeps each week from becoming a boring linear progression.  (Linear progressions are the best way to progress a certain lift or movement, and that is great for true athletes, but not the most fun).  With that said we do offer our mesocycle content to any member who would like to incorporate extra training during Open Gym times.

This mesocycle we will be testing Helen, a 3 Rep Max Push Press, and a 3 Rep Max Back Squat.  As a general overview you will notice weekly – 3 Strength focused days, 1 Gymnastics focused day, 1 aerobic focused day.  We will perform a Press or Push Press 1X a week, some form of squat 1-2 times/week, Olympic Lifts 1-2 times weekly.  Our Metabolic Conditioning segments will typically be 4-8 Minutes 1X Per week, 8-12 Minutes 3X per week, 15+ Minutes 1X Per Week.

We will continue to have our Olympic Lifting Specialty class at 12:00 PM each Sunday and we will be adding a gymnastics class at 10:30 on Saturdays starting 4/18.  Our first 6 weeks in gymnastics will focus on pull-up/muscle-up improvement.  There is no pre-requisites and will be open to all levels.

Dr. Warren

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